Freeze-dried products

What are freeze-dried products?

All natural, healthy and tasty. No added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Natural market elements are instantly rehydrated and recovers its fresh and creamy texture, volume and original appearance to delight consumers with a taste of fest. Recommended as ingredient, topping, spread or dip.

1. Fresh or prepared food is frozen.

2. Food is placed in a vacuum chamber at a very low temperature and the water is separated by sublimation.

3. Freeze-dried foods are packed in sealed bags that do not allow moisture and oxygen to pass through to ensure freshness until opened.

4. By adding water again, the food recovers its appearance, texture, flavor and maintains its nutrients.

At esscalo we have a commercial partnership with a producer of freeze-dried products and have developed product solutions aimed to the food service segment, some of these products are:

Fruits with “Tajin” spice
Fruit yogurt bars

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