Our business model.

Our business model is simple. The Business of our Business Partners is Our Business. At Esscalo we cultivate business relationships in which we seek to maximize the results of both producers and our clients. We offer comprehensive logistical support by being present in the field, making sure that our products arrive with the highest quality in the shortest possible time at our clients' warehouse; we make sure we are present at every step of the logistics process. We seek to create a partnership with our producers, clients, the growing fields and the fruits that it offers us.
To meet the continuous demand for food products; we offer our clients the confidence that they will receive the expected volumes according to seasonal demand. At the same time, we work to provide our producers with clear and defined information that allows them to schedule the seeding and harvesting of their products.
By developing a personal and business relationship with each of our clients and producers, we can offer the highest quality of fresh products, a wide range of processed products and the ability to handle private labels to satisfy the current demand of our clients and their consumers 

Our values

Our mission

Our mission at Esscalo is to become partners with our customers and producers, ensuring that we will always meet and exceed the needs and expectations of your business. Your business is Our business. We are a business partner that represents your products and your priorities. We believe in fair trade and ethical business practices to support all our partners regardless of size.

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